Sanrio Puroland – Tama Center

Are you a Sanrio/ Hello Kitty/ Kerroppi/ Bad Badtz Maru/ My Melody/ Little Twin Stars fan?  Do you like cute stuff?  If your answer is yes, you need to go to the Mecca of all things Sanrio/Hello Kitty: Sanrio Puroland!  Expect EXTREME CUTENESS!!! Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters will be welcoming you and taking pictures with you as soon as you enter.  There are lots of souvenirs you can buy that you won’t find anywhere else like candies, cookies, magnets, shirts, bag tags, kitchenware, bags, accessories, a cute Hello Kitty headband that I got and much more.  You won’t go hungry either as there are 3 main restaurants: Gourmet Bazaar, Food Machine Restaurant and Restaurant Yakata.  Plus snacks at Sweet Parlour and Cinnamon Dream Cafe. The surrounding stores also have rare Hello Kitty items like this bag of toilet paper I got at the nearby pharmacy.

Strawberry-scented Hello Kitty toilet paper

Hello Kitty House foyer

Hello Kitty TV

Hello Kitty lounge

Hello Kitty library

Hello Kitty living room. The couch is so comfy somebody fell asleep on it

Hello Kitty's bedroom

Group pic with Hello Kitty

Kuromi, My Melody, Bad Badtz Maru and Purin celebrating Melody's birthday at Wisdom Tree Stage

Bad Badtz Maru flexing his biceps

Gourmet Bazaare

Sanrio character boatride

It's the cutest place ever!!!

Tama Center area map. Sanrio Puroland is close to Keiyo Hotel

Take the JR Keiyo line going to Tama Center (an hour train ride west of Tokyo).  You’ll see a map going to Sanrio Puroland when you exit the train station.  It’s a 5-8minute walk from the train station.  The park is open from 9am to 5pm on weekdays and later on weekends.

Super kawaii! Behind this is an area map

Sanrio Puroland!!! The home of Sanrio characters and Hello Kitty!

Puroland tickets, guide and map

with Purin. Sanrio characters will welcome you when you come in

Hello Kitty popcorn dispenser

You can buy Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters souvenirs here at Festival Plaza

hello Kitty drinks: green tea, apple juice and water

Check-out counter/cashier

Sanrio characters just walking around the place

Tic Tac Castle

Jewelland Gate

Hello Kitty mochi...too cute to eat

Puroland bathroom

You can buy soft pretzels, Dippin Dots, popcorn, mochi and other snacks in Sanrio containers here at Sweet Parlour

Rubbing Purin's tummy. He's so soft

Purin's living room

Dessert get to keep the souvenir character mug

Hello Kitty doughnuts! I tried all 6 flavors

About to try my Hello Kitty doughnuts at Cinnamon Dream Cafe

Puro Village

Hello Kitty inari sushi

Hello Kitty kid's bento box

Food Machine Restaurant. They have conveyor belts of food and desserts

Food kaiten (conveyor belt) many to choose from and they're all good!

My lunch: crab and corn tempura/croquettes, hamburg steak, potatoes au gratin, cafe au lait, chocolate mousse and steamed pork bun

Having our caricature done. It takes 10 minutes per person to finish

Shiruosa gave me a hug before taking a picture with me

Hello Kitty house and car

Closing time is 5 or 6pm. Leaving this place was sooo sad

a bubble/sculpture outside Sanrio Puroland

You can purchase tickets at the ticket booth before the entrance of Sanrio Puroland.  I suggest getting the Passport so you can have access to the park, theater, boatride, etc.  You can get a discount coupon for upto 5 people by printing it from  The place is about half the size of Disneyland but if you’re a big Kitty fan like I am, you’ll end up staying there from open to close.  I spent my first 2 hours taking pictures with Sanrio characters and shopping at Festival Plaza.

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