Chocolates Around the World and Regional Kit Kat Flavors from Japan

I’ve been eating and loving chocolates since I was a little girl.  At the time, I even sacrificed having pearly whites just so I can enjoy the tiny brown morsels that melt in my mouth everyday.  Without a doubt, I love chocolates and I cannot live without them.

Everytime I travel, I see to it that I buy chocolates.  Forget bags, clothes or shoes…you can buy those anywhere!  Every place has their own chocolate native to their region.

from my trip to Paris: Maxim's, La Maison du Chocolat and Lindt Eiffel Tower edition. Anthon Berg from Denmark

And speaking of Japan, before I went to Tokyo, I wrote a shopping list: green tea kit kat and if I’m lucky – regional kit kats.

From Japan: Green Tea Kit Kat

And that is only the beginning of my Japanese Kit Kat quest.  Behold, the great wall of chocolates!!!


Regional Kit Kat flavors from Japan: wasabi, sakura macha, purple yam, blueberry cheesecake, macha, chili pepper, strawberry cheesecake, green tea, Shinshu apple. red bean sandwich, strawberry tarte, pancake, black honey and orange

They're so pretty and colorful. The flavor is mild.

I’m still waiting on my other limited edition flavors from Japan.  I had to give the store at the airport my shipping address as I had nowhere else to put my chocolates.  I can’t wait! 


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