Food and Travel

So I was told I should start blogging about places I’ve been to and yummy treats I’ve eaten.  I would start by only backtracking travels from 2005 – any earlier than that would mean searching far and wide for old photos and memories. 

I love traveling because I get to experience and learn new things…and of course, the food!  Seeing travel pictures of my mom when she was much younger plus, Janet Jackson’s “Runaway” video inspired me to pack my suitcase and just go wherever!  The excitement each part of it brings – from planning, booking hotels and flights, reaching your destination and getting lost in the beauty that surrounds you – cannot be explained.  You savor the moment and let everything sink in.  Then you close your eyes (but not for too long) and you’re reminded “$#!t, it’s good to be alive!”  Speaking of not closing your eyes too long, I’ve realized that the only time I would ever drink coffee is when I’m traveling or recovering from my jet lag.  Sleeping and traveling don’t really go well together.  You’re in a different place, explore!  If you want to sleep, stay home.

The basic goal of mine is to guide all other curious travelers or soon-to-be-travelers as to important things to know about places that I’ve been: where to go, what to eat, how to get there (just don’t expect turn-by-turn directions), etc.  I’ll post reviews and my personal opinions about restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and all that good stuff.  So, I hope you keep reading and looking at pictures on here – just don’t steal anything!  🙂

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